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We have always enjoyed the freedom that comes with staying in Airbnb’s and self contained apartments. The space and privacy plus the home comforts is what sets this style of accommodation apart from the major chains. We have taken our experiences and made Sunset Retreat like your own home away from home, we provide all your essentials such as oils, condiments, washing powders and toiletries as well as a “take a little leave a little” philosophy for the well stocked panty. The kids will be entertained with the craft supplies and board games and of course the pool and space to run around and enjoy the fresh air!

KITCHEN The pantry is for everyone, please feel free to take what you need to use and leave what you have not used. There are extra coffee beans in the freezer and the setting are to your taste, Espresso is the single cup button and Regular is the double cup.

When you first turn the coffee machine on it will prime and release about a half inch of water then it is ready to go. When the light flashes it is either out of water or the drip tray and coffee water need to be emptied and cleaned.

Please be careful when using the milk brother as out can get hot and we would hate to see any one injured

NEIGHBOURS & FRIENDS We love our neighbourhood and enjoy that it is a family-based street. Please be aware that the neighbour’s kids like to ride their bikes, horses, play outdoors and they are always courteous and respectful of us and our neighbours and we expect you to do the same.

We have the perfect position on our block to take full advantage of the views out over the water however noise can travel on still nights. Please be mindful to keep noise and music levels to an absolute minimum between 9pm and 7 am we employ a strict no party policy to ensure our neighbours and friends are not impacted by us sharing our beautiful home with guests.

If you are unsure of any house restriction, please refer to our Guest Conduct Policy for clarification. The house is approved and set up to accommodate a maximum of eight guests and we must enforce this under council law that no more than eight guests sleep / stay/ reside at the property.

SOLAR & GAS Our house has some solar however we are still heavily reliant on the grid due to the water and pool pumps. Another big energy consumer is the ducted air-conditioning, don’t get Us wrong after living through twenty plus summers in this beautiful region there is nothing, we appreciate more than to chill out in the air con.

The house is thermally efficient though, so it takes literally minutes to cool right down once the air con is on and stays cool for quite some time once it’s turned off. The cooling unit will automatically adjust to maintain the set temperature and as the house is open plan 25 degree’s is the most efficient.

When using the ducted air con please only turn on the section you are using and if you go out or move out to the pool, are please turn it off.

The stove top runs on gas and we have two swap and go bottles below the kitchen window. The homecare team check these each vacate as well as the Webber gas bottle to ensure you don’t run out.

WATER & WASTE All water is collected rainwater, we do not have a bore or access to town infrastructure so please be mindful of water waste. Please be mindful of having shorter ones, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and always check that taps are turned off tight. We love the taste and soft water feel of rainwater, if we all work together, we will not need to truck in chemically treated town water

General rubbish collection, the green bin is every Thursday.

The Recyclables are collected every second Thursday.

The kitchen bin has two separate bins to allow you to easily split your recyclables, if you can please place the bins curb side the night before it would be appreciated. In the warmer months we suggest you separately bag all meat scraps and freeze all seafood waste if is not within a few days of bin collection.

We are an eco-based home and have a Bio Cycle as our sewage waste system please do not flush any foreign or sanitary items down the toilet and the kids over loading on toilet paper as it will block and it will flood.

Excess oil should also not be tipped down the sink and please use the sink strainers to avoid excess scraps blocking the drain and disrupting the Bio Cycle microenvironment.

POOL & GROUNDS The pool is taken care of by our Homecare Team and a pool service usually only takes 15-30 minutes however if they need to add chemicals you may be unable to use the pool for a few hours. We apologise for any inconvenience and we always try to schedule services between guests but if this cannot be avoided, we will give you plenty of notice of their scheduled time. If there are any issues with the pool during your stay, please let us know.


Our linen service is not locally based if you could please hang your wet (unwashed) towels out to dry on the day of your departure that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to arrange for a linen service during your stay please let us know and we can make arrangements for our Homecare Team to perform this an extra charge based on guest numbers and beds in use.

We all love that golden summer glow but if you have just had a spray tan or are self-tanning while staying please use the older beige bath sheets in the laundry to avoid staining the white service towels.

HOUSEKEEPING Our friendly Homecare Team are a dedicated bunch and love to hand the house over at its cleanest. We love happy feedback and positive reviews, but if there is something you feel we could do better please be sure to let us know on your “Hope You’re Happy in our Home” form. You can also let us know about any non-urgent maintenance issues that may have arisen during your stay.

REVIEWS & DISCOUNTS We always love to know what your favourite thing about your stay and appreciate all tags on our socials @sunsetretreats

Travel Safe,

Mel, Jim & Neave

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