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Wildlife & Wandering

An idyllic location

Sunset Retreat overlooks Ruddle Dam where you can cast a line from the bank the local kids have caught bait fish, Barramundi and even eel’s during the monsoon season and it never hurts to try your luck with red claw pots in the reeds either. Locals often enjoy miniature model boat races which are fun to watch from the deck.

Privately set on 2.5 acres Sunset Retreat allow’s ample room for storage of boats and trailers and plenty of parking. If you do bring along your boat be sure to take advantage of the Barramundi fishing at Peter Faust Dam or launch at one of three boat ramps nearby. 

Sunset Retreat’s idyllic location means that there is the opportunity for wildlife to literally be at your doorstep. Don’t be surprised to see wallabies and kangaroo’s grazing on the lawn and green tree frogs perched on the rock beds.

There are of course the iconic gecko’s that squeak and mooch about the place and the willy-wag tails and sunbirds that often nest in the surrounding tree’s.

Once a year we have the influx of “soldier ducks” that dutifully line up at the end of the street and pick and peck worms and small insects across the property from early morning till they then fly en mass back down to the dam to roost. 

Windemere’s resident Goose Timmy will give you a friendly honk if you wander down to “his” small dam and an even more enthusiastic one if you take him some fruit or veggies scraps.

There are the neighbouring horses across the road on pasture who love nothing more than a gentle ear scratch and a rub and often put on fairly exciting display of chasing each other about with tails in the air with excitement right before it rains.

The kids and adults alike will love their stay at Sunset Retreat, you owe it to yourself to book your next getaway.